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Welcome to DinoBot Supporters blog.

The DinoBot User Manual is an integrated manual for those who use DinoBot products. (U5PVR / U5Mini / 4K)

It is the most basic manual for using Dinobot products and explains all the functions of the product.

Please read this manual as it will help you to use the product.

This is based on the U5 product, but the way it works is the same.

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# Dinobot User Manual : Table of Contents

# Dinobot User Manual Part 00:Before explaination

# DinoBot User Manual Part 01:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 1

# DinoBot User Manual Part 02:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 2

# DinoBot User Manual Part 03:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 3

# DinoBot User Manual Part 04:ATV Home Launcher Setup

# DinoBot User Manual Part 05:Firmware Upgrade & Backup/Restore

# DinoBot User Manual Part 06:ATV Settings 1

· Dinobot User Manual Part 07:ATV Settings 2

Note that the text color and the orange color are important parts of the content setting.

In Part 07, you will learn about ATV settings.

Through the 'Date and Time' column

You can change the date and time.

'Use the time information provided by the network. 'To set the date and time automatically when connected to the wired & wireless Internet.

If you select 'Disable', you can set it manually.

Click the 'Set Date' item

You can manually set the date.

Click the 'Set time'

You can manually set the time.

If you set the 'Time zone setting' item,

You can set the date and time in your local time zone.

You can set the date and time in your local time zone....

Through the 'language'

You can change the language.

You can configure the keyboard usage through the 'Keyboard' item.

Through the 'Current Keyboard'

You can change to the keypad you want to use.
If you use 'Korean Korean Input Device', you can change to Korean or English by pressing 'Han / Young' key.

You can set the main screen through the 'Main Screen' item.

The main screen is a set of recommended lines, apps, and game lines from the four ATV main screen lines that you can see when U5 boots up.

The "Featured rows" column lets you turn recommendations on and off for apps that have auto-suggestions.

If you disable apps that you do not want, it will not appear on the main screen recommendation tab.

You can change the sorting order through the 'App and game line' item.

If you activate the 'Automatically sort by recent usage' item, the list will be automatically sorted by the most recently used app.

Through the 'App Row Reordering' column

You can set your app's sort order in any order.

Through the 'Rearrange Game Row' item

You can set your app's sort order in any order.

You can configure the search through 'Search' item.

You can designate searchable apps through the "Searchable apps" column.

Once you have set up a searchable app, you can search the app on the main screen using the Search tab.

If you turn on "SafeSearch filter", we will not show inappropriate or obscene content in our search results.
If you have young children, we recommend that you set them up.

Temperature unit 'setting is possible.

When temperature unit is set, temperature is displayed in set unit when displaying weather during use.

You can use the 'Audio' item to configure audio settings.

You can set the language used for voice search through 'Language' item.

If you need to search in a foreign language, you can do this.

If you turn on the "Block offensive words" column, the offensive words will show up in search results, excluding the offensive words.
If you have young children, we recommend that you set them up.

You can set the caption setting and TalkBack (audio output service) item by accessing 'Accessibility' item.
Accessibility settings are helpful for people with poor vision or older people.

'If you enable "High Contrast Text"

You can see the effect of seeing the letter darker by having a border on the menu letter.

Voice TTS output can be set through 'Text-to-speech' item.
If you set the audio TTS, you can use the function to notify the setting like the setting items by voice for those who have poor visibility of the menu.

The default voice engine is 'Pico TTS'.
Pico TTS does not support Korean, so you have to download and install 'Google TTS' speech engine.
Since it is not searchable in built-in Google Market, you have to backup and install it through phone or tablet.
Voice TTS support Voice TTS support If you have a novel viewer based on TXT, you can read novels by voice, so if you have young children, you can take advantage of the ability to read storybooks in TXT files.

You can use advanced setting function through 'Developer option' item.

You should never touch developer options unless they are developed by app developers.
If you touch it incorrectly, you may have to reset the product.

The 'Power' item works the same as the Power item on the ATV Home screen.

Power items are divided into 3 types.
- Standby: Standby power. When the power is on standby, the time is displayed on the U5's LCD screen, and only the screen is turned off for a while.
- Restart: You can reboot your device if there is a problem with your device.
- PowerSave: Power off state. When the power is turned off, the U5's LCD screen is blank and responds by rebooting to the next power button operation, leaving only the minimum amount of power available to respond to remote control activity.
* If you do not use PowerSave for a long time, please turn off the power completely by pressing the power button on the back of the main body.
* With regard to the power source, pressing the power button of the remote control once will double-click the power standby state to operate the power shutdown state.

The font can be set through 'MediaPlayer Font' item.

Visible when playing video using the built-in default media player

You can set the caption font.

Through the 'Add accessories' item

Bluetooth-based remote control, earphone, headphone, speaker, keyboard, mouse, etc. can be paired (connected) additional devices.
For reference, you can connect your headphones or Bluetooth-based earphones to your U5 for quiet nights.

If the connection is successful, the connected device name will be displayed together with 'Connected'.

If you do not need to use a connected Bluetooth device, you can unpeel it at any time.
If the supplied Bluetooth remote control is paired with U5, you can check the amount of remaining battery.

You can set the location through the 'Location' item.

Setting the "Location status" column will give your location to location-based apps.

Just select "Estimate location using Wi-Fi.".

You can restrict the installation of apps from unknown sources through the 'Security and Restrictions' section.

If you enable 'Unknown sources', you can install APK files backed up to USB storage device.
To install APK backup file stored in USB storage device, use 'HiFile Manager' app.

You can check if the app is safe before installing the APK backup file stored on the USB storage device by activating the 'App confirmation' item.

U5 environment information to Google server through 'Usage and Diagnosis' item.

We will not forward your personal information and will only provide simple device information.
Currently not set.

You can add and delete your Google Account through the 'Accounts' column.

The 'Sync Now' item allows you to store and retrieve your information to Google servers.
Login information for username and password is not saved..

You can delete the account you logged in through 'Delete account' item.

You can enable and disable apps to sync through the "Sync app selection" section..

You can add an account by clicking the '+ Add account' item..

Please select the type of account you want to add and enter your username and password to proceed.

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# DinoBot User Manual Part 08:Android Setting

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