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A retro arcade game system is being built.

You should read the previous article first to understand this information.

# Build a retro arcade game system 1

Last time I briefly explained the retro arcade game system and finally I talked about ARC Browser.

I am setting the ARC Browser.

The ARC browser seems to be a more functional app than I thought.

At first I just thought that I would download and display posters, artwork images and game information from the Internet.

As you go through the tests, you'll find many useful features.

Among them, there is a feature called My Selection (Game Classification).

My Selection is You can think of as a concept similar to music play list.

Just like you can play your favorite music by genre in the playlist, My Selection is a feature that allows you to play your favorite games easily and quickly with your favorite games by genre.

You can specify the name of my selection and register the game according to each classification.

By default, while configuring in the database, the game genre automatically enters, but some games are not registered in the database, and some games are duplicated or misclassified in multiple categories.

It is difficult to find games even if the game genres are classified because there are a lot of games, so if you drop your favorite games into my selection, it will be easier to find the game.

When I search Google for ARC browser, I found that I can download the USER Theme or create and apply it.

I downloaded the user theme and applied it.

There are some parts that I do not want to use, so I created a new user theme file according to the user theme file creation guidelines.

Icons can be created by My Selection / Game Genre / Tools / 3 icons.

This is the default ARC browser screen.

This is the divided into left and right screen.

Left and right split screen seems to be complicated, so we deleted the left menu.

I applied the user theme file.

Icons have been applied to the All systems item.

Icons are different for each game genre.

The icons have also been applied to the Tools screen.

The Arcade screen is not applicable to the icon.

I did not see the icon, so I hid the Arcade menu on the screen so it does not appear.

I left only All systems and Tools menus.

The database scrap function automatically sets the game genre.

The problem is that many games can not be registered in the database, and are often designated or misidentified as overlapping genres.

This can be resolved by registering My Selection.

Icons are configured differently by selection classification.

My selection classification is over.

Set the All systems menu not to be displayed for finishing.

This leaves only two menus, My selection and Tools.

My selection item also has an icon, so it looks neat.

I have attached a full icon sample image.

My selection classification icon.

Game genre icons.

Tools icon.

You can use it as a basic screen, but you can see a little more prettier screen after applying the user theme.

As an additional option, random background music is played on the game selection and tools screen.

I put the theme music of famous game.

This configuration made it easy to select games.

Next time, we will upload the actual video.

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