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Build a retro arcade game system 1

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I'm DinoBot Supporters.

A retro arcade game system is being built.

The retro arcade game system is based on playing arcade games using PC systems from the 80's through mid-2000.

For popularization, the MAME emulator played a lot.

You can think of the Mame emulator as an arcade game launcher.

You can think of the Mame emulator as an arcade game launcher

You have to run the Mame emulator to play retro arcade games.

The Mame emulator must download a separate Rom file.

ROM files are easy to understand if you think of them as game packs or game CDs.

You can think of one ROM file as one game.

There are several versions of the MAME emulator, and different ROM files exist depending on the version.

My ROM files have MAME 0.139u1 based ROM files.

It has 24.8 Gb capacity and contains 14,653 ROM files.

There are many duplicate games that have the same game but some subtle difference.

The sharing of files is illegal and we can not share it, so we can only tell you to look for it on Google.

The most popular way to run the Mame emulator on Android is to use the MAME4droid app.

It's the easiest way on Android because there's no ads on the Google Play Store for free.

Mame Fordroid interface.

The disadvantage is that the interface is inconvenient and difficult to find games.

Next, you can use the Happy Chick app.

With the Happy Chic app, you can select the rom file you want and automatically download and run it.

Happy Chic interface.

The disadvantage is that downloading of the ROM file is illegal, so you need to search Google and download the app and install it manually.

Next comes the RrtroArch app.

The Google Play Store is also free, and RetroArch is a multi-emulator that supports home video games and portable mini-games in addition to MAME.

You need to download additional core files for use.

Think of the core as an emulator executable.

You need to download the ROM file directly for the core you want to use.

RetroArc interface.

In the picture, all the setting items are displayed in Korean, but the default is English.

The downside is that you need to study.

the three emulators you want to use.

In my case, I used the Mame4droid app.

Originally I tried to configure RetroAcro but gave up because some of my games did not run.

The Mame4droid allows you to play the game easily, but it is difficult to find the game because there are a lot of ROM files.

I found a simple way to play the game.

It is best to configure an emulator called Hyperspin.

Hyper-spin interface.

Starting with an emulator for PC, it supports Android.

However, there is a problem that Android only supports NVIDIA SHEILD series products.

Installed on U5 but not driven by an error.

We need to find other alternatives.

I searched Google and found the ARC Browser app.

With ARC browser, you can build a library of ROM files like KODI.

Automatically download English information, related posters and artwork images of the game through the Internet.

ARC browser interface.

It has a function to divide by genre and tie the same games together, and a function to search the game video on YouTube.

If this function is available, it seems to be suitable as an alternative to Hyper Spin.

You can not use it alone and you need to install and install the necessary emulator.

U5 is the same function as the KODI Wrapper function.

Only the game list is loaded and the game runs on each emulator.

The downside is that you have to pay for the app.

MAME 4 I connected the droid and proceeded to configure the database (library).

I have a lot of ROM files I have and the downloading time seems to take about 20 hours.

GamePad connected XBOX360 games.

The u5 team updated the firmware to connect the Xbox 360 pads directly.

As a note, MiBOX and other box products must be set up separately to use the xbox360 pad.

If there is no more information, we talked about the application, but once again, it is impossible to share rom file or app file share because it is big and illegal.

If you use Google search well, you can solve it.

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