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· DinoBot User Manual Guidance


Welcome to DinoBot Supporters blog.

The DinoBot User Manual is an integrated manual for those who use DinoBot products. (U5PVR / U5Mini / 4K)

It is the most basic manual for using Dinobot products and explains all the functions of the product.

Please read this manual as it will help you to use the product.

This is based on the U5 product, but the way it works is the same.

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# Dinobot User Manual : Table of Contents

· Dinobot User Manual Part 00:Before explaination

Dinobot 4K/U5 series products are Android TV boxes.

Once you have a brief description of what the Android TV box is, it will help you use your existing smartphone, smart pad (smart device), etc. in your TV environment.

Smart devices and TV boxes are similar, but have different operating systems.

It is called ATV as OS for Android TV which derives from Android OS of our smart device which we mainly use.

The two biggest differences are that the Android OS for smart devices is automatic based on the touch and the ATV is based on the remote control. It would be more convenient to use ATV OS for Android TV based on remote control than OS for touch-based smart device for TV.

And what about the PVR?

Abbreviation for Personal Video Recorders.

A device that can record a broadcast by connecting to a TV.

These days younger people may not know, but people over 30 will know video flare.

There was a time when I watched a recording on a videotape.

As it flows through the ages, it is possible to record a broadcast on a hard disk, a USB memory, etc., and see it again at any time.

Think of it as a PVR that makes it possible.

What you can do with Dinobot 4K/U5 boxes

1. Watch & record TV.

2. Play local media files (movies, music, photos).

3. Using YouTube streaming service.

4. Use various paid streaming services.

5. Use of various Android apps.

6. Simplified file server utilization via Samba server.

7. Utilization of Debian Linux.

These various tasks are possible.

Dinobot 4K/U5 is simply a product that supports only watching TV & recording media files, and there are countless uses depending on the user's ability.Therefore, I think it is important to know basic functions.

For beginners, if you use only the ATV built-in functions well, you can say that it is well worth the price of box..

In addition, Dinobot 4K/U5 is a triple-use product for Android TVDebian Linux and Enigma2 Utilization goes into Debian Linux, but it is difficult for beginners to get to it. So it's hard to think about the difficult part later, If you are new to Dinobot 4K/U5, please follow the manual slowly. 

then, there is no problem to use this box.

Now, let's get to know some of the additional devices that need to be prepared ahead of a full-fledged basic feature description.

Dinobot 4K/U5 works on Android TV(ATV) basis.

As I explained earlier, the ATV is based on the remote control.

However, Android OS is an OS that is focused on using smart devices rather than on TV.

Most of the apps you use on your smart device are available (but some apps are not available), but the apps you use on your smart device are based on touch.

The U5 remote controller(4K series : No) has a mouse mode so you can use the remote like a mouse, but it's quite handy if you have a wireless USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

If you have a wireless USB or Bluetooth mouse, you can use it just like you would touch a smart device by recognizing your mouse pointer like your hand.

As a further explanation, there is a product called Air Mouse.

Conventionally, the mouse uses a mouse pad placed on the floor and the mouse held in the hand.

Air mouse work similarly to remote controls.

In the air, when the mouse is moved up and down and left and right, the mouse moves, so it is very convenient to use, and also products with an additional keyboard are sold.

I recommend using an air mouse because I can use it without having to connect the keyboard and mouse separately if you use Dinobot 4K model.

Dinobot U5 Mini has Built in Air Mouse feature on that RCU. So no need to buy for U5 mini model.

Next is the external hard drive.

Dinobot 4K/U5 can record TV channels by built-in PVR function.

If you want to use TV recording function, external HDD is required.

Separately, if you have a device called NAS (network storable hard), you can also record to external NAS.

If you purchased a U5 Deluxe product, you can conveniently use it by putting a hard case into the body.

Finally, there is a USB memory stick.

There can be has problems that can not be recognized by the manufacturer because the use of the product is enormous.

One of them may cause unexpected booting.

If the power is not turned on, it may be difficult for users to handle it, but if you can not get to the ATV main screen when the logo is displayed, you can easily make it work by manual recovery. On this time, What you need is a USB memory stick.

If you insert the firmware update file into the USB memory stick, you can recover it manually.

You can also use it as an external hard disk instead of a USB memory stick.

Finally, in addition to the basic functions that Debian Linux does not explain, 

Later, we will introduce how to use many features via Debian Linux.

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# DinoBot User Manual Part 01:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 1

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