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One of the core features of Android TV is the ability to utilize the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant is a function that receives voice input, recognizes it as a command, and performs a specific function.
For example, it is a function that informs the weather or searches videos on YouTube.
Android TV's Google Assistant has some features that do not work differently from mobile devices.
For example, it is a function to make a phone call or set an alarm.
These functions are functions that cannot be used in the Android TV Assistant.
To use Google Assistant, you need to support Google Assistant on your Android TV set-top box.
Even if it is an Android TV, some devices may not be supported.
Products that support Google Assistant have a microphone button on the remote control, so if the supplied remote control has a microphone button, you can think of it as a Google Assistant.
You can use the Google Assistant by pressing the microphone button on the supplied remote control and speaking a voice command.

- Android system command -

# Voice command : Close.

# Quickly close the Google Assistant window.

# Voice command : Turn off tv.

# Switch the set-top box to power standby.

# Voice command : Turn on tv.

# Switch the set-top box to use.

# Voice command : Volume [1~100] or Volume [1%~100%].

# Changes the system volume by the specified number.

# Voice command : Volume mute.

# System Mute the system volume.

# Voice command : Volume down.

# Decrease the system volume step by step.

# Voice command : Volume up.

# Increase the system volume step by step.

# Voice command : Google home.

# Go to Android main.

# Voice command : Settings.

# Activate the Android settings menu.

# Voice command : Open [App name].

# Run the specified application.

- Google integration -

# Voice command : Add [product name] to my shopping list.

# Adds the specified item to the Google shopping list.

# Voice command : [Notes] Please take a note.

# Adds the specified memo to the Google memo list.

# Voice command : Show me a memo.

# Displays the specified memo in the Google memo list.

# Voice command : Add calendar.

# Register the event in Google Calendar.

- Time / Weather -

# Voice command : What time is it now.

# It tells you the current time.

# Voice command : [Region name] time.

# Shows the current time in the specified area.

# Voice command : What is weather now.

# It gives you the current weather information for your area.

# Voice command : [Region name] weather.

# Displays current weather information for a specified area.

# Voice command : Tomorrow weather.

# It informs you of tomorrow's weather information for the specified area.

# Voice command : [Region name] tomorrow weather.

# It informs you of tomorrow's weather information for the specified area.

# Voice command : [Day of the week] weather.

# The weather information for the specified day of the week is displayed.

# Voice command : [Date] weather.

# It informs the weather information for the specified date

# Voice command : Will it rain today? or Will it rain tomorrow?

# It tells you if it will rain today / tomorrow.

- Daily life -

# Voice command : Good morning.

# It informs the current time / weather / today's schedule in order.

# Voice command : Today's horoscope.

# Tells the fortune of the day.

# Voice command : [Food name] calories.

# It tells you the calories of the specified food.


# Voice command : Translate [word] into [country].

# It translates the desired word into the language of the desired country.

- Web search -

# Voice command : [Celebrity names] age.

# Displays the age and birthday of the specified person.

# Voice command : Tell me the date of [National holiday].

# It tells the date of the designated national holiday.

- App content search / Play -

# Voice command : Play the [Singer name] song.

# It plays the song of the specified singer.


# Voice command : Play [Content name] on [App name].

# Search the specified content in the specified application.

# Voice command : Play [Content name] on [App name].

# Finds and plays the specified content in the specified app.

- Media playback -

# Voice command : Previous / Next.

# If there are multiple videos in a folder, play the previous/next video in the folder.

# Voice command : Pause / Play / Stop.

# Stop or pause video playback.

# Voice command : Go forward / Go backward

# Go forward 10 seconds. / Go backward 10 seconds.

# Voice command : Go forward in [Seconds you want to move].

# Moves forward in the specified seconds.


# Voice command : Go backwards [Seconds you want to move].

# Moves backward in the specified seconds.


# Voice command : Go to [TimeTime you want to move].

# If you say the time of the section you want to move, the video will be played from that time.

- Search / watch TV channels -

# Voice command : Find [Channel name].

# Search for channels with the specified channel name.

# Voice command : Go to [Channel name] Channel.

# Plays the channel with the specified channel name.

# Voice command : Go to Channel [Channel number].

# Plays the channel of the designated channel number.

- Sports -

# Voice command : MLB rank.

# It tells the ranking of the major leagues.

# Voice command : MLB schedule.

# It informs you of the major league schedule.

- Calculation / conversion -

# Voice command : [number] [Calculation symbol] [number] =.

# It calculates the number and tells you.

# Voice command : [number][unit] is a few [unit].

# It is notified by changing the specified number unit to the specified unit.

# Voice command : How much is [number] percent of [number] dollars.

# The discount amount is calculated at the specified amount.

- Game -

# Voice command : Random dice.

# Throw a random dice.

# Voice command : Random number.

# It picks out a random number.

- Etc -

# Voice command : Tell me something funny.

# Tells humor.

# Voice command : [Animal name or Bird name] sound.

# The sound of a designated animal or bird is played.

# Voice command : [Thing name] sound.

# Hear the sound of the specified object.

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