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U5 Linux MPD Update Review

ENGLISH/Test 2018. 9. 19. 00:57


I'm DinoBot Supporters.

Today there was an unofficial update of the DAINOBOT U5 product Linux at dawn.

It is not yet registered with Dynobot official update server.

There was a notice from the developer who develops update of Linux of Dynobot U5 / 4K product.

The key to this update is the addition of an MPD music server.

For those of you wondering, I used MPD Music Server beforehand.

MPD stands for Music Player Daemon.

If you explain MPD to people who don't know it, you can say it's a personal music server.

You can imagine that individuals can create paid music sites like iTunes.

When you download music, it helps you to create a server and play music automatically.

The cost here is the cost of downloading the sound source for building the server.

If you have purchased music CDs, convert them to digital audio files and put them into your USB storage.

At first, you can build the server automatically and then update the new file by clicking the Update Database button when you add a new sound recording.

MPD is not standalone and requires installation of client programs. (apps)

Works like paid music apps.

I have tested several MPD client apps.

My pick is M.A.L.P. - MPD Client is recommended.

It is recommended because there are no ads for free and the update of the app is steady.

Provides a list of artist names.

Provides a list of album names.

New file updates are easy.

It's easy to play music.

DSD high definition audio files are also playable.

Online unlimited music streaming service like Tidal If you join, you can stream to U5 by connecting to AOLMPD from smartphone.

MPD music server is a new world.

Similar functionality can be implemented using KODI, but it is more convenient than KODI.

In U5, I tested network playback method of music in various ways. MPD playback is the best method I tested.

MPD is easy to use and easy to add sound sources, so if you are downloading and listening to music from Dynobot U5 / 4K users, please try using MPD.

MPD Music Server is highly recommended.

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