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Dinobot U5 DSD audio source file playback test

ENGLISH/Test Video 2018. 6. 22. 05:15


This is DinoBot Supporters.

I tested DS5 audio source file playback on U5.

DSD stands for Direct Stream Digital and is a high-quality digital audio recording file.

Sony and Philips have jointly developed Super Audio CD (Super Audio Compact Disc), a high-quality next-generation audio CD standard that goes beyond ordinary audio CDs.

A file converted from a Super Audio CD to a PC file is a DSD audio file.

It is a high-quality audio file at a higher level than the FLAC file converted from the existing audio CD. The extension is DSF or DDF.

I tested DSD audio source files to play on U5.

With the built-in audio player, you can play back FLAC files but not DSD files.

Since the DSD audio source can not be played with the default audio player, you need to install an app that can play DSD audio sources.

I've used the KODI app, which is the simplest of the many apps.

KODI is an integrated media center program that supports video, audio, and image files. It is the simplest way to play DSD audio source files.

DSD audio source file playback test video attached.

For reference, the audio output device used in the test is the Yamaha RX-V375 introductory product, the audio output is HDMI audio output.

A quick summary of the test.

The DSD audio source used in the test is a 230.7mb file.

2 channel / 8bit 5645kb/s / DSD Codec sound source It is a sound source of 5 minutes 43 seconds.

It was played without problems as in the test video.

We will also attach additional file information that was not included in the video, but has been tested.

The DSD audio source used in the test is a 1.54gb file.

2 channel / 8bit 22579kb/s / DSD Codec sound source It is a sound source of 9 minutes 45 seconds.

This sound file was played without problems.

There is no professional DAC equipment, so it can not be said that it is exactly sound.

However, when I tested it against a normal FLAC file, I was able to hear a little more detailed sound although the output was slightly smaller.

If you need sample music, you can download it free of charge by visiting 2L High ResolutioN Music site below.

Since one audio source is provided in different file format, it can be tested by comparison.

Although it would be nice to introduce network audio for playback of DSD audio sources, in reality, network audio is expensive and expensive to purchase.

The way we have just announced is that you can also play DSD audio sources inexpensively.

KODI also provides a convenient remote system through smartphone linkage, so cheap and convenient playback is a bonus and you can make good sound if you support only the audio output device.

Test it now.

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