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· DinoBot User Manual Guidance


Welcome to DinoBot Supporters blog.

The DinoBot User Manual is an integrated manual for those who use DinoBot products. (U5PVR / U5Mini / 4K)

It is the most basic manual for using Dinobot products and explains all the functions of the product.

Please read this manual as it will help you to use the product.

This is based on the U5 product, but the way it works is the same.

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# Dinobot User Manual : Table of Contents

# Dinobot User Manual Part 00:Before explaination

# DinoBot User Manual Part 01:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 1

# DinoBot User Manual Part 02:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 2

# DinoBot User Manual Part 03:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 3

# DinoBot User Manual Part 04:ATV Home Launcher Setup

# DinoBot User Manual Part 05:Firmware Upgrade & Backup/Restore

# DinoBot User Manual Part 06:ATV Settings 1

# Dinobot User Manual Part 07:ATV Settings 2

· Dinobot User Manual Part 08: Android Setting

Note that the text color and the orange color are important parts of the content setting.

In Part 08, you will learn about Android settings.

Go to 'Settings - Settings' to enable U5 Android settings.
Most of the functions can be set through the ATV settings, but some settings need to be used through the Android settings.
You do not need to set the overlapping parts of ATV setting. 
Overlapping part will skip on this document.

You can set up a portable hotspot and VPN through the 'More' column.

Click 'Portable Hotspot' to enable hotspot settings.
Assume you only have a wired router at home.
At this time, if you set up a portable hotspot, it will generate U5 WiFi signal and if you connect hotspot set on your smartphone, you can connect to the internet without using data by connecting to WiFi.

Tap "Portable hotspot" to turn portable hotspots on/off.

If you enable "Portable hotspot", you can set up a portable hotspot.
Tap "Set up Wi-Fi hotspot"

Enter your network name and password and click 'Save'.
When a portable hotspot is active, you'll see a "Hotspot in use" message.
Your U5 Internet connection will remain active while you are using a portable hotspot.
Please note that only when you connect the wired Internet, U5 will keep your internet connection. If you set up a portable hotspot in Wi-Fi state, U5 Internet connection is not available.

You can set up VPN by pressing 'VPN'.

Press the '+' button by Air mouse or Mouse

VPN settings are available.

You can set password through 'SAMBA Service' item.

If you turn off the 'SAMBA' item, you will not use the Samba server.
'Use password for protection' √ You can set password.

Please press 'password' item.

The password can be from 1 to 11 alphanumeric characters.
Special characters can not be entered.

You can set the installation environment of your app through 'Security' item.

If you turn off 'Unknown sources', you will not be able to install apps other than downloading through the Google Play Store.

Manual system upgrade is possible through 'System upgrade' item....

'Are you sure you want to upgrade? Please press 'OK' when prompted.
Reboot and proceed with system upgrade.

You can use advanced setting function through 'Developer option' item.

Developer options are functions that are used by app developers, so do not touch them unless you are developing them.
If you touch it incorrectly, you may have to reset the product.

HDR mode can be set through 'TV HDR Mode' item.
For 4K HDR video playback, the TV must support HDR playback mode.
You must use an HDMI compliant version of the HDMI compliant version of the HDMI compliant version 2.0A or higher.

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# DinoBot User Manual Part 09:LIVE TV - DVB S/T tuner

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