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U5Mini is a follow-up model of U5PVR. It is responsible for design and system development in Korea Small and Medium Business BADA System. Manufacturing is in China.

U5PVR products are not sold as discontinued products and sold as U5Mini products.

The models sold are U5Mini PVR / U5Mini OTT.

Both models are capable of watching TV. There are differences in TV reception method as follows.


# U5Mini PVR 

It is possible to record HD broadcasting by connecting coaxial cable local cable broadcasting or terrestrial reception HD cable antenna, and it provides time shift function.


# U5Mini OTT

It is a way to install and view apps that can receive TV based on Android apps. Because it is based on Android app, it is not possible to record the broadcasts and you may need to pay for the channels.


In common, both models support TV reception based on the Android app.

The difference between the two models is the difference in TV reception method, so you have to decide what kind of TV you want to receive when purchasing.


As for the existing U5PVR purchasing users, the TV tuner is equipped with high-end products and memory is changed from DDR3 to DDR4.

There is a big change in the remote control with built-in air mouse function.

The built-in OS and functions are the same as the U5PVR, so you do not have to buy a new product and sell your existing product in advance.

Please refer to U5PVR Slim product and U5 Mini PVR comparison spec at the bottom of the article for a little more detail.


I have summarized the brief specifications and features of the U5Mini product through # (tags).


# User Supporter Activity

For ease of use, U5 supporters use the product directly and provide online manual based on it, so even beginners can easily understand and use the product.


Watch TV recording

U5Mini PVR model provides PVR function by providing TV tuner.

PVR function provides real time TV viewing and scheduled recording function through external storage device.

It is possible to watch downloaded videos or previously recorded broadcasts and use the Android app during TV recording.

Real time TV can be paused by time shift function and it is possible to watch from the stopped part.

Watching and recording of UHD broadcasting is not supported.


# Listen to Internet-based IPTV Watch & Radio

It is possible to watch IPTV based on Internet address.

Supports listening to radio based on Internet address.


# 4K HDR video playback

Playback of downloaded video file is possible.

Supports video files of AVI, MPEG, FLV, MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, RMVB and so on.

It supports connection video playback of USB external hard disk, SMB server, DAS, NAS system.

Supports fast file management and loading with support of USB 3.0 external hard disk.

Maximum resolution 4K 60fps 10bit 4: 2: 0 HDR10 / 4K 30fps 10bit 4: 4: 4 Supports playback of HDR10 video.

Support 4K BDMV navigation menu.

Support playback of 3D movie files.

4K HDR playback requires 4K HDR playback on TV, monitor, and projector.

KODI, Archos Video Player app, etc. can be installed.


# Play music files

Support playback of downloaded audio files.

Supports MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC and other audio files.


# Play image file

Support downloading and playback of image files recorded with the camera.

Support image files of BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and so on.

It is possible to lay slideshow of background music.


# Wired and wired LAN connection

Wireless WiFi module for Wi-Fi reception is built-in, so there is no need to connect a separate Wi-Fi connection.

Support 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz WiFi connection.

Supports 1 gigabit wired LAN connection.


# Unlimited video streaming

Built-in YouTube app for TV, streaming playback of 4K 60fps video at maximum resolution, HDR is not supported.

Netflix app for TV is installed and streaming playback with maximum resolution 4K video is available. HDR is not supported.

It is possible to install TED app for TV only. It can play streaming of FullHD video and does not support HDR.

It is possible to install additional VLIVE app for TV, streaming playback of FullHD video, and does not support HDR.


# Voice recognition + Air mouse remote control

Voice recognition function enables voice search of all apps that support voice recognition.

Google assistant support enables you to use Google's voice recognition function.

The remote mouse can be used as a mouse through the air mouse function.


# TV karaoke

Magic Song is a built-in karaoke app and you can sing about 20 million songs from all over the world through TV.

Supports the use of karaoke-only Karaoke function and steady updating of K-POP latest songs.

Lyrics , Sheet Music , Pitch control , beat control Features are available.

Chorus function is not provided for MIDI music.


# TV and mobile app install

Install Android TV exclusive app and operate it with remote control easily.

Mobile Android app can be installed by remote installation.


# Linux concurrent boot

It is possible to install Debian Linux in addition to user selection, and it supports simultaneous booting of Linux and Android through AOL function.

It supports PLEX server, TVHeadend server, Torrent server, SSH connection.


# XBOX360 Joypad and USB Joypad & Stick

Supports XBOX360 joypad and USB joypad & stick without any setting, and you can play games for Android TV only.

Supports various classic game emulators to play classic games like MAME, SFC, NDS, PS1, PS2, DOSBOX and so on.


# Google virtual keypad input / keyboard connection

Supports Google virtual keypad, enabling simple typing using remote controller.

It is possible to search simply by connecting USB or Bluetooth type keyboard.


# Simple NAS

Network file connection through SMB is possible.

If SMB server is set in NAS or network at home, you can connect, copy files, delete files and manage other files.

When an external storage device is connected to the U5Mini product, users can access the U5Mini from an external device to copy, delete, and manage other files.

If you install the FTP server app, you can use it as an FTP server. You can copy files and manage files from outside by U5Mini.


# Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth earphone and speaker can be connected.

It is possible to watch TV, VOD and movie quietly with Bluetooth earphone at night when family sleeps at dawn.

You can play music by turning on your TV by connecting Bluetooth speakers.


# Remote control via smartphone

Provides remote control HITV Retome app.

By installing HITV Remote app on smartphone & pad, U5Mini screen can be transmitted to smartphone & pad in real time.

The screen and sound are transmitted at the same time without delay, so you can watch TV, VOD and movie quietly when the TV breaks down or the whole family is asleep.

U5Mini can be controlled by touch.


# Mirrorcast & DLNA connection

Miracle cast function allows you to view the screen of your smartphone on the big screen through U5Mini.

It is possible to watch videos and photos taken on a smart phone through a smart phone or DNLA server connection.

Play music through DLNA server connection.


# Internet search

You can browse the Internet by installing the Chrome browser app.

It is possible to play video streaming by accessing web-based Internet video site just like PC.


Please refer to the image below for U5Mini product components and designs.



U5Mini body, AIR BT remote control, power adapter, HDMI cable, AV cable.

Although it is not in the picture, we also provide basic manual in English.



The body is U5Mini PVR model.

U5Mini OTT also has the same basic design.


Please refer to the image below for detailed specifications of the product.

U5PVR Slim (old) on the front, U5Mini PVR (new) on the back.



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