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Dinobot User Manual Part 15:Media Center How to use

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· DinoBot User Manual Guidance


Welcome to DinoBot Supporters blog.

The DinoBot User Manual is an integrated manual for those who use DinoBot products. (U5PVR / U5Mini / 4K)

It is the most basic manual for using Dinobot products and explains all the functions of the product.

Please read this manual as it will help you to use the product.

This is based on the U5 product, but the way it works is the same

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· Dinobot User Manual Part 15:Media Center How to use

Note that the text color and the orange color are important parts of the content setting.

In Part 17, Describes how to use Media Center.

Media Center is a media playback app for Dynobot products.

Video, audio and image files can be played back.

Launch the ' Media Center ' app.

This is the main screen of the Media Center app.

' USB 저장소 / LAN / NFS / UPnP / SDCard ' Five types of storage are accessible.

Since LAN and NFS have the same access method, they are explained based on 'LAN' connection.

LAN is a menu to access SMB server.

' LAN ' Please press.

' AutoSearch ' Please press.

Locate an automatically accessible SMB server.

Select the server to connect to.

Select the folder to access.

' Add shortcut ' The window pops up.

Press ' OK. '

Automatically connect to folders.

When you return to Media Center main screen, ' ShortCut ' item is created.

ShortCut ' When you click on the item, you will be taken directly to the network folder.

If you can not connect to SMB server automatically, you can set up server connection manually by selecting ' Add share ' item.

Just enter your account information and select ' OK. '

Access USB storage.

Within the folder, ' Image , Audio , Video ' can be categorized so that only the desired type of file can be displayed.

Select ' All ' to display all files.

Access the folder where the video file is located.

You can play the video file by pressing it.

Video file playback interface.

01. File title.

02. Resolution & frame information.

03. Audio trick & codec information.

04. File size.

05. Whether subtitles are supported.

06. Video codec information.

07. Data transmission speed (can be operated by remote control multimedia button).

08. Navigation bar.

09. Playback time.

10. Final play completion time.

11. Play the previous file.

12. Rewind (Works with remote control multimedia button.)

13. Pause (Can be operated with remote control multimedia button.)

14. Fast forward (works with remote control multimedia button).

15. Play the next file.

· Press the 'Left / Right' button on the remote control to move in 1 second increments.

· Press and hold the 'Left / Right' button on the remote control to move a lot.

If a video file has chapters set, you can skip chapters by pressing the button ' ◀◀ , ▶▶│ ' on the remote control. (If no chapters are set, the next file will be played.)

Pressing the ' Rewind ' button on the remote control will fast reverse the function.

Supports up to 32x at 2x.

Pressing the 'Fast Forward' button on the remote control will activate the fast forward function.

Supports up to 32x at 2x speed and no sound during fast playback.

You can use ' Player menu ' by pressing ' Menu ' button on the remote control.

' Audio Settings ' is an audio configuration option.

' Switch Tracks ' is an audio track change option.

This can be changed if the video file contains multiple audio files.

' Channel Settings ' Audio channel change options.

' Default Audio ' This is the default audio setting option.

It can be set when there are multiple audio tracks.

' Subtitle Settings ' This is a caption setting option.

Subtitles are automatically loaded if there is a video title .smi / video title .srt file.

Sub Switching ' Multiple subtitle file switching options.

It can be set when the caption file contains subtitles of several countries.

' Subtitle:Close ' If set, subtitles are not displayed.

' Default Switch ' The subtitle auto-visibility setting.

' Close ' If selected, subtitles will not be displayed during playback of all images.

Sub encode ' Caption encoder setting option.

Normally, you can set it to ' Auto ' , but if you can not display it for foreign subtitles, you can change the option.

' Time adjustment ' Option to control subtitle sync.

You can set this when the subtitle is displayed fast or slow.

If subtitles are too fast or too slow to sync, download new subtitles.

' Font color ' This is a text color change option.

You can change it by choosing the color you want.

Please refer to the color image. (depending on the monitor, the color may look slightly different)

' Font size ' This is a font size setting option.

' Sub position ' Subtitle display position setting.

Press ' Up ' and ' Down ' buttons on the remote control during video file playback to use the same function ' Sub position. '

' Font effect ' This is a subtitle effect setting option.

You can change it by selecting the desired effect.

Please refer to the effect image.

' Line spacing ' This is an option to set the line spacing.

' Character spacing ' This is an option for spacing letters.

' 3D Subtitle adjust ' 3D subtitle adjustment option.

It can be set at 3D movie playback.

' Default Subtitle ' This is the default display caption setting option.

In case of multilingual subtitle file, it shows the selected subtitle as default.

' Play Settings ' Playback preference option.

' Play Mode ' Repeat play setting option.

· Order of play : Sequential playback. (The video files are sequentially played back in the folder.)

· Full Cycle : Repeat all folders. (Play video files sequentially in the folder. Repeat playback from the first file after playing the last file.)

· Single Cycle : Continuous playback. (Plays the video file being played back indefinitely.)

· Single play : Play once. (Playback ends after playing video file.)

· Shuffle : Random play.

' Screen Size ' Screen size setting options.

' Full Screen ' When selected, upper and lower black bars can be played back in full screen.

' 3D/2D Mode ' Convert 3D video files to 2D video playback option.

· SBS to 2D : side by side(Left and right divided 3D images.)

· TAB to 2D : top and bottom(Up and dwon divided 3D images.)

· Origion Mode : Play in 3D mode.

' Default 3D/2D Mode ' This is the default playback mode setting option.

' Frame rate adaptation ' Frame rate adjustment option.

' Bluray Play Mode ' Blu-ray navigation menu enable setting option.

· Bluray Navigation : Enable the Blu-ray navigation menu.

· Positive : Skip the Blu-ray navigation menu and play the video automatically.

· Ask Me : Select whether to use the Blu-ray navigation menu during playback.

' Bluray Area Code ' Blu-ray area code setting.

· A : America(North Central South) , Korea , Japan , Taiwan , North Korea , Hong Kong , Southeast Asia.

· B : Europe , Greenland , France , Middle East , Africa , Australia , New Zealand.

· C : Russia , India , China , Nepal , Bangladesh , Pakistan , Central Asia , South Asia , and other regions.

' Force 3D TV ' Is a 3D TV force activation option.

' Play Record ' Playback options from the point of stopping playback.

' Open ' If you set it, you can watch from the last scene you watched.

' PQ Settings ' PQ engine configuration options.

' Display Mode ' This is a color setting option.

' Imprex Engine ' Advanced color setting options.

' Reset Display ' This is a color setting initialization option.

' Subtitle Download ' An option to automatically download subtitle files.

It is a function to download automatically compared with the file title.

If you change the name of the original file, it may not download automatically or it may not download automatically.(It is recommended to download it from the Internet and play it.)

You can search by entering a title.

Blu-ray source files are displayed with a white disc icon.

' Play Mode ' Blu-ray source file playback setting option.

· BDLite Navigation : Play videos directly without using the Blu-ray navigation menu.

· Full Bluray Navigation : Use the Blu-ray navigation menu.

It is when the Blu-ray Disc navigation menu is activated.

The screen is designed differently depending on the Blu-ray disc.

When you press the ' Menu ' button on the remote control, Blu-ray related menus are added to the player menu.

' Pop Menu ' When selected, the navigation menu is displayed.

' Top Menu ' Press to access the Blu-ray Disc main screen.

Video playback is stopped and the main navigation menu is displayed.

' Bluray Menu ' Blu-ray disc setting option menu.

' Audio ' Audio language change option.

' Subtitle ' Option to change the subtitle language.

Chapter ' Chapter selection Playback options.

ISO file can be played back.

If you have Blu-ray navigation menu when playing ISO file, you can use it.

Select ' Picture ' to play the image file.

Connect to the folder containing the image.

Press the image to play.

You can switch to previous or next image by pressing the left and right buttons on the remote control.

You can set slideshow by pressing the ' Menu ' button on the remote control.

Click ' Start Slideshow ' to activate the slideshow.

' Play mode ' The setting is the transition effect setting option to the next image.

' Time interval ' The setting is a time setting option that goes to the next image.

' Background music ' The setting is a background music playback setting option.

Select ' Audio ' to play the audio file.

Access the folder where the audio file is located.

When you select an audio file, playback starts.

Audio file playback interface.

1. Display the title of the file.

2. Display the currently playing song.

3. Play the previous file. (It can be operated with the remote control multimedia button.)

4. Pause. (It can be operated by remote control multimedia button.)

5. Play the next file. (It can be operated with the remote control multimedia button.)

6. Set the playback order.

7. Progress progress time.

8. Final play completion time.

9. Navigation bar.

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